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Cold Weather Blues

The Terry B3er 4
"Cold Weather Blues"
Rootetoot Records
By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro © June 2011
 It's gotten to the point that regardless of where you live, the weather can certainly be a cause for the blues. Everywhere you turn, there's one region or another that's suffering from too much or too little rain, tornados or hurricanes, floods or fires and stifling heat or in this case - as this Canadian band called The Terry B3er 4 would say - "Cold Weather Blues".The Terry B3er 4 consists of; Terry Blankley on vocals and keyboards; Michael Wainright on sax; Doug Swain, Frank Woodcock and John Meydam on drums; Al Matthews, Albert MacDonald, Bobby Watson and Johnny V on guitar; and Al Lerman on sax and harp.

"Cold Weather Blues" features ten tracks, of which eight are originals. And if soulful, gravel voiced vocals - reminiscent of Dr. John, Leon Russell, and Tom Waits - backed up by a blend of blues, funk and jazzy styles of music is your bag, then you're going to love this one.

Although the title track is called "Cold Weather Blues", the weather isn't the only cause for Terry's melancholic mood. You see, the freezing cold in his bones and the chill that he's feeling both came when his woman said goodbye. This ballad is highlighted by incredibly sincere and sorrowful vocals and great background B3 by Terry, along with torrid tenor sax riffs by Al. Very good stuff.

I actually had to wait for this track - "You Got The Heat" - to finish before I could write anything about it. What made that worse was I replayed it about four or five times. You see, each time it started, my eyes closed, my head dipped then bobbed and my feet and fingers started tappin'. You try typing in that condition. A beautiful and beautifully done track featuring soothing rhythm, soft keyboard and sax interludes, and great vocals.
This jazzy version may very well be the best version I've ever heard of "Let Me Go Home Whiskey". Doug's at disc's best on drums, Johnny V's hot on guitar and Terry is amazing on keyboards. As a matter of fact, his left handed bass playing had me looking through the credits thinking I missed the standup bass player. Excellent work right here.

In spite of loving Terry's vocals on this one as well, "Gig Blue" is one of my favorite musical tracks. Bobby and John are outstanding on guitar and drums and the uncredited percussion is awesome.

Other tracks on "Cold Weather Blues" include: "Money Rules", "Poulet Shack", "Lenny", "My Feets Keep Walkin", "Roll On" and "What I Like".

To check Terry Blankley out, and grab yourself a copy of "Cold Weather Blues", just go to While you're there, tell him his friend the Blewzzman - who is suffering from the "Hot & Humid Blues" - sends his regar

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Blues Editor @

The Blues Foundation's
2011 "Keeping The Blues Alive" Award!

You Got The Heat

Indie International Songwriting Contest Winner
Who Is Terry Blankley

"Terry Blankley has a voice that sounds like it has been soaked in just the right amount of the finest scotch whiskey & raw emotion....a voice born to sing the blues." ~ Denise C. Byers 
  Blankley, AKA TerryB is a Canadian Songwriter, Singer and Keyboard Player. He has toured extensively and played on countless recordings…Blues from the Shallow North. Keyboard based Roots music and Male Vocals. From Blues to Jazz, Cajun Funk to Country, to sizzling Boogie Woogie, his piano and voice sing with an honesty and soul that only years of experience can bring while doing Singles, Duos ,Trios up to full bands..

A charismatic gigging Musician, he has been fortunate to have played, toured and recorded with, and still does an amazing assortment of musicians and musical Styles. His tastes are Eclectic as is his product. Has worked everywhere from Vegas to Dublin, played The Grand Ol' Opry in Nashville. and was a Piano Player on the "Opry North" Radio Show out of Toronto. Terry presently is working with Jazz Saxophonist "Bruce Gorrie" His understanding of the blues and respect for the tradition behind the blues is apparent in every song. Most have the feel of acoustic blues or of the sort of electro-acoustic sound we often heard in the Fifties.

He owns a small studio and records local artists from this area and also mentors young inspiring musicians. Having held down three top ten spots in the Australian Indie Jazz Charts, at the same time, including the number one chart topper, "Money Talks"(from the DRMS Award nominated Blues Roots C.D. Money Talks)Terry Blankley is the epitome of a fine Canadian Artist/composer.
A credit to his versatility, Terry B , is equally at home writing and performing a wide range of musical styles. He remains the ultimate industry outsider, giving a myriad of musicians the benefit of the musical knowledge seated deep in his bones, yet also a devoted family man, content to live in the area of Oshawa, Ontario. Terry was born and raised in Saskatchewan and Toronto and has lived in a lot of cities including Winnipeg, Calgary, Dublin Ireland, and L.A.

•Presently Producing a Traditional Country band and a CD of Jazzy Blues for himself while working mostly with Jazz Saxophonist Bruce Gorrie ,Harp/Sax player Al Lerman, Guitarists Bobby Watson, Al Matthews and Jazz Steel player Bob Taillefer.
•2012 International Indie Contest Songwriter Contest Winner Terry is a Canadian Roots Musician, Producer and Writer.
•10,000 Hits on
•He has received multiple award nominations as a Singer/Keyboardist, played on countless recordings and is
•The current DRMS Male Vocalist of the year.
•2009 & 2012 Durham’s Winner of Male vocalist of the Year
•2010 – 2012 Toronto Jazz festival
•Top 10 Artists 0n Reverbnation Feb. 2015


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