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 Having held down three top ten spots in the Australian Indie Jazz Charts,at the same time, including the number one chart topper, "Money Talks"(from the DRMS Award nominated Blues Roots C.D. Money Talks)Terry Blankley is the epitome of a fine Canadian Artist/composer.
A credit to his versatility, Terry B , is equally at home writing and performing a wide range of musical styles.
From Blues to Jazz,Cajun Funk to Country, to sizzlin Boogie Woogie , his piano and voice sing with an honesty and soul that only years of experience can bring.
Terry has paid his dues playing in the hallowed halls of the grand Old Opry,been one of the unsung heros in Nashville recording sessions,entertained in the hot spots of Las Vegas,and excited audiences in Ireland backing up Irish pop star Jamie Stone.
Currently you can catch Terry playing clubs ,Jazz and Blues Festivals ,and Corporate Events.Check his web site for up coming events at
All this experience ,a sincere love of music, and a "regular guy " attitude always make for a musically enjoyable Terry B experience.Whether vocally carresing the lyric of the Billie Holiday classic ,"Don't Explain" or growling out the Ray Charles Hit ,Hallelujah ,How I love her so",Terry B will grab your attention and lift your spirits.
In a world of manufactured ,packaged music,Terry Blankley is the "real deal", honest ,true and damn good.
Treat yourself ,go check him out ,I did, and if you are a booker or agent ,book him now, you will not be dissapointed.

President Malcolm Gale,, The Talent Group Inc of Las Vegas Nevada.

The Terry B3
Money Talks

If you were looking for it, you¹d be hard-pressed to find such a laid-back,
refreshing, original recording as this. Terry B (Blankley) is a local
war-horse ­ a long-time keyboard player and veteran of a bar scene that pays
little to entertain loyal patrons who expect a lot. Terry plays because he
wants to, however, as evidenced on this 11-track self-release. The good news
is, his thankless dedication to craft is immediately audible from the first
regal strains of the Band-like Last Nations, sounding not unlike a back
porch variation of The Weight With a voice that sounds like a gnarled
cross between Springsteen and Tom Waits ­ sometimes garbled, always gruff,
Blankley is blessed with a world-weary quality that underlines his
experience. Equal parts jazz and blues, 11 original tracks include
highlights like I Can¹t Win­ featuring killer B3, tasteful piano and some
well-placed guitar (Bobby Watson) for a blues ballad that¹s laidback without
being lounge. Blues is Blues is, likewise, a high mark for its
authoritative touches, lush B3, and real-world message. Gig Blues²offsets
straight blues with the band¹s Steely Dan-esque jazz groove as Blankley¹s
voice assumes a hint of Ray Materick. Pity the package doesn¹t look like
much ­ because the contents are a welcome surprise revealing an earnest road
warrior bursting with confidence and ripe with original talent.

­Eric Thom


Money Talks

Terry Blankley aka terryb

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Money Talks

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