1. Last Nations

From the recordings Money Talks and Various recordings

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Last Nations

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People need a little more understanding..


Was a Girl too proud to beg She gave birth in Winnipeg
Left the city for her Ma Way up north beyond the Pas
Baby died there in a storm Had no way to keep her warm
No one helped out no one saw They were all in Africa
Bridge: Take a Bow its your premier someone else's volunteer
Needed here you're nowhere near someone else's volunteer
Stonechild took A Starlight tour Paid his way you can be sure
Left to walk poor son of a bitch found him frozen in a ditch
Charlie Rich died sniffin' gas not too happy bet your Ass
Kindness would have saved the day but they were helping far away
Bridge: Breaks
Sewers runnin' from the Tap, Feet bound up in Plastic wrap
People live in devastation they should call 'em our Last Nation
Bridge x2 fade